Young-adult: Don't be ashamed, read it! (EN)

            Hey everyone, first I would like to apologize for my English and for this article which will contain some mistakes. But I wanted to write this article both in French and in English because I wanted to share my point of view with more people than only the ones who speak French. And I think that I will also start to write my reviews both in French and in English. For now, I don’t know if I will separate the reviews in two distinct articles – one in English, one in French – or only one article with both in it. So without further ado let begins with this article.

             At college, in Public Speaking class, I had a speech to present in front of my class with a subject of my choice. I decided to speak about literature and more precisely about Young-adult. Therefore I decide to transcribe what I said here, on my blog, to express my opinion on it. Before I start I would like to say that this is my opinion, just my opinion and only my opinion. If you do not agree with what I am saying, do not hesitate and tell me what you think in the commentary section!

            When I was doing some research on the internet for my speech, I found an article entitled “Against YA, read whatever you want. But you should feel embarrassed when what you’re reading was written for children” But why? Why do we have to be ashamed? Why is it a shame to read young-adult books when we have not the “age” any more?

            After other research more precise on the definition of this genre and this is what I find: Young-adult is a literary genre which is intended to people aged from 12 to 17 years old. The only constant in all young-adult books is the age of the main character which is between 14 and 17 years old. After seeing this article, I also find that not less than 28% of all YA books were bought by 30 to 44 years old people; so adult people.

            As you can see it, I do not agree with want this article says. I do not understand why the person who write this article thinks that he has the right to categorize people into a category by their age and thinks that we cannot read other things than books for our age. I do not consider myself as an adult but I do not feel like I am a teenager, either. Therefore if I follow this logic, I should feel ashamed to read any literary genre, right? Well, I think this is stupid. And this is why today I want to talk and share my point of view after everything I could read on the internet.

“Anyway, every YA books are the same”

            That was this kind of thing that I find on the internet. If it was the case, then why there are so much people who read this genre without being tired of it? I think that’s because it is a genre which does not hesitate to speak of sensitive and most of the time without taboo. Indeed, shakes and gibes a kick into our lives so well regulated. YA authors like to push boundaries by exploring realistic themes, common and which touch everybody such as death, sickness, sexuality and so on
Furthermore, this genre makes me dream with their fictive or real universe. Because these authors have an imagination which is really big and which contributes to develop the mind of the readers.

Then yes, some universe are similar but no, all YA books are not the same at all.

            “Sorry, but I don’t read that, the writing is too much simple and anyway, it’s written in order to be very good sell, it lacks of originality… It’s good for children but it brings nothing for an adult!
            The internet, the internet, the internet, it’s full of stupid things! For me a simple writing doesn’t mean a bad writing. It’s the contrary! A “simpler” writing can initiate people to literature more easily. Next, I prefer a simple writing which is understandable and well written than a complex one where I understand nothing which will disgust me of reading. Like classics we were forced to read in school…
            I also think that the simplicity is the best thing that could happen but it depends on the sub-genre. If we compare a contemporary YA to a fantasy YA the “level” is not the same because on of them require a more specific vocabulary.
            If the authors really write in order to sell books and lack of originality, their books would not make such success and we would notice it in the way their writing, people wouldn’t read YA as much. For me the reason of this success among the adult is because YA authors do things that theu wouldn’t do as adult authors.
Furthermore, they speak about issues that are on the top of today preoccupations that we are adult or younger. We live in a constant technological progress era, therefore, it leads us to 2 other points.
            The first one is that authors have to be really good in creativity and writing in order to hold the readers attention on page 1 because young-adult is intended to teen, and therefore authors are in competition with the internet, cellphones and video games.
            My second point is, as I said before, the issues of today society. Indeed, they often what consequences that all this progress and all these problems can bring and how damaged is our planet. They bring up real world issues that we might face and provides something we, as readers, can relate to.
            Furthermore, they also give their opinion or these subject with their imagination mixed up with a lot of references to philosophy, classical authors and other messages. YA writings are very rich, that’s why, for me, a lot of people read it. Moreover, these subjects are shown in a very creative way.

            For instance, Harry Potter’s books. This saga is considered as children and YA books. Everywhere, I always heard that “Harry Potter is soooooooo for children”. Yes, indeed, it was first written for children but I will read them again and again and I will do this my entire life! And next, Harry Potter is full of imagination, creativity, originality, philosophy, political messages, cultural references and so much more! These books may be considered as children books but I keep thinking that they could enrich the reasoning of any person who would read them, adult or child.

            Today, we live in a society where a lot of people like saying “be yourself; do what you want” , that you have not to be categorized but do not hesitate to say that I have to feel ashamed of what I am reading, it’s pretty ironical. I will not be ashamed of anything and specially not of what I read, ever.


What about you? Do you read Young adult novel, even if your age does not "fit " anymore?
Have you some YA recommandation for me? 

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